Results Management Office

About the Results Management Office

While the Program Management Office (PMO) focuses on executing the program, the Results Management Office (RMO) focuses on the program's value and outcome delivery. Many PMOs are designed to be focused on tracking, monitoring, and reporting, and not managing program outcomes. All too often, they are not empowered to influence program direction, integrate components, projects and solutions and are not involved in measuring expected benefits. The RMO approach changes this perspective to focus on the strategic results or outcomes the organization seeks from the program, and to provide direction on an integrated solution design.

The Results Management Difference

In essence, the RMO is a value-driven PMO that helps establish and communicate value-based metrics, realistic time horizons, and well-defined levels of effort to drive real change, efficiencies and effectiveness.

The RMO implements four specific functions that complement the traditional PMO:

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