Interagency Agreement Management System

Imagine a world where...

you can manage Interagency Agreements on one centralized platform closely aligned to OIT’s internal processes. As an IT Director or agency IT customer, you can request reports in real-time to have visibility into process status and outcomes. The Interagency Agreement Management System Implementation project will address this business need and more with the implementation of a new, more efficient platform: OnBase.

Interagency Agreement Management System Implementation

Interagency Agreements, or IAs, are used anytime an agency wants to purchase products or services through OIT that are not already offered through Common Policy. These are often for resources like developers or project managers, but also include some IT licenses or vendor engagements. The current IA management system does not align with OIT’s internal processes used to complete these requests or allow reporting to be requested by agencies and IT Directors.

The Interagency Agreement Management System Implementation project will address this need by migrating the existing system into a new platform, OnBase. The new system will better align with our internal processes and allow for simultaneous workflows, real-time reporting capabilities, and integration with other finance systems to better manage and cross reference information. Once the migration is complete, OIT will solicit agency and IT Director feedback and begin working groups to further improve the system and processes in Phase II.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Defined success criteria and metrics for the overall project

  • Interagency Agreement request processing documentation of processes

  • Interagency Agreement request management system migrated to OnBase

  • Refined and streamlined processes to improve the overall experience and reporting available

  • Identification of agency participants for Phase II

Project Timeline

December 2020 - April 2021

Identification of OIT internal process for improvement

April - August 2021

Migration to new system

September 2021

User acceptance testing

October 2021

Deployment to production environment, smoke testing & dashboard creation

November 1, 2021

  • New system launch

  • Phase II kickoff

Project Team

Project Leads

Laura Calder & Libby Dollar

Executive Sponsor

Julia Richman

Core Team

  • Amber Hudson

  • Robin Peacock

  • Derek Martinez

  • Corinna Lyon

  • Colby Hess

  • Janice Hill

Agency Partners

  • Hana Sayeed - CDHE

  • Jeremy Hill - CDHS

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