Agency Teams - One OIT

Imagine a world where...

every time you request a new technology solution or an update to a current one, your experience with OIT is predictable and meets your expectations. The One OIT project model will result in consistent service delivery where all OIT project staff understand their responsibilities to meet the needs of our customers.

Pilot Agency Team Concept Across CTO/CCO (One OIT) Project

OIT is refining our delivery process in order to provide the right services at the right time to meet agency customer business needs. Working with representatives of our agency partners, the project will:

  • Refine and design an interactive project process model across CTO/CCO

  • Define future state and end-to-end delivery process

  • Complete a tabletop exercise of the process with one agency in a current scenario

Project Timeline

May - August 2020


  • Assemble team

  • Define pilot charter, scope, metrics & baseline

  • Determine operating model

  • Identify & ready teams, communicate approach

September 2020


  • Launch pilot

September-November 2020


  • Complete tabletop exercise

January - March 2021


  • Measure and evaluate the results

Project Team

Project Lead

Vince Bocchino

Project Manager

Shelly Porter

Core Team

  • Don Wisdom, Senior Director Infrastructure Operations

  • Richard Stewart, IT Director for Department of Corrections

  • Rick Rieping, Senior Director, Applications Delivery & Support

  • Vince Bocchino, Senior Manager Project Success

  • Natalie Wurzer, Senior Manager, Services Engagement

  • Davyd Smith

  • Ed Trainer, IT Director CDOT

  • Karen Wilson, Senior Manager, Customer Applications

  • Dan McCann, Program Director

  • Robert Belton, Deputy Director, Applications

  • Chris Heck, Program Manager

Agency Customers

  • Devon Adams, DNR IPAWS, Reservation & Pass Admin

  • Maggie Van Cleef, DNR Purchasing Director

  • Scott McKimmy - DOC

Project Team

  • Glenn Weeks,Solutions Architect

  • Milo Knezevic, Director, Data Operations

  • Cody Scott, Program Manager

  • Jim Nethercott, Director, Customer Care

  • Heather Waite, Resource Manager

  • Ed Levy, Security Operations Manager

  • Yvette Florez, Director, Identity and Access Management

  • Josh Coultas, Program Director

  • Cassandra Simpson, Business Analyst

  • Nancy Dierker, Director, Procurement and Vendor Services

  • Jason Walker, User Experience Designer

  • Saman Hakimifar, Senior Network Infrastructure Engineer

  • Suman Batra, IT Portfolio Manager

  • Beth Foreit-Berger, Senior Business Analyst

  • Jeff Oliver, Supervisor Cloud Operations

  • Bob McIntyre, Database Services Manager

  • Chris Beattie, IT Portfolio Manager

  • Ken Garcia, Systems Administration Supervisor

  • Anna Hamilton, Senior Developer

  • Darrell Filmore, Manager, Programs

  • Christy Daniher, Program Manager

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