Digital Transformation

Imagine a world where...

100% of all Colorado government services that can be delivered virtually will be available virtually.

Plan for and enable Digital Transformation

State agency websites and applications are profoundly essential customer touch points within the holistic service journey of all state services. The Plan for and enable Digital Transformation project will leverage its people, processes, and technology to improve state agency websites and applications to allow for flexible access to reach our customers.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Determine current state technology within the State of Colorado

  • Develop Digital Transformation Vision

  • Develop Digital Transformation Strategic Plan

  • Define Digital Transformation Model

  • Communicate Digital Transformation Model

  • Agency Engagement and Feedback Model (Continuous)

  • Launch, deliver and iterate

Project Timeline

March 2021

Digital Transformation Vision Development

April / May 2021

Digital Transformation Strategic Plan Development

June 2021

10% of Plan Implementation

Project Team

Project Lead

Russell Castagnaro

Executive Sponsor

Alex Pettit

Project Team

  • Thaddeus Batt - OIT

  • Laura Calder - OIT

  • Casey Carlson - OIT

  • Kris Kiburz - OIT

  • Corinna Lyon - OIT

  • Debbie Thibault - OIT

  • Carol Cobb - AWS

  • James Mitchell - TempusNova

  • Carrie Paykoc - oHI

  • Kate Polesovsky - SIPA/CI

Agency Partners

  • Devon Adams, Alex Alma - DNR

  • Mark Stanton, Lu Cordova - Gov's Office

  • Flavio Quintana, Scott Spinx, Michael Dixon, Dan Ervin, Felicia Gabardai, Clayton Hollingshead, Rosalie Johnson, Suzanne Beer - DOR

  • Kate McRoy - CDA

  • Tung Chan - DORA

  • Jennifer Hall - CDHS

  • Beverly Hickey - CDPS

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