IT Asset Management

Imagine a world where...

you no longer need pages and pages of spreadsheets to track IT hardware assets and manual labor-intensive processes to determine costs and refresh cycles are a thing of the past. Replaced with a single modern system where you can easily generate a report for your agency or for an audit requirement. The new IT Asset Management Program will let us keep track of what we have which lets us better plan for what we need in the future.

Establish an IT Asset Management Program Project

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The project's first phase will focus on IT asset and IT business management, beginning with the implementation of ServiceNow, a cloud-based workflow automation tool.

Project Goals

  • Implement ServiceNow to reduce the manual process activities required for agencies to track and create visibility across their physical and software assets.

  • Automate the labor-intensive annual data collection and reporting of asset inventory required by Senate Bill 14-169 which details and forecasts IT expenditures and refresh cycles for 17 departments.

  • Automate the generation of annual reports by department including: number of assets, identified refresh cycles for assets, current operating costs for each asset per department.

  • Enable automated functionality to support and/or automate updates and plan for software expirations and retirement of end-of-life hardware assets.