Enterprise and Recurring Services on IAs

Imagine a world where...

managing enterprise and recurring services on Interagency Agreements is streamlined and efficient. Services and related documents (Agency IAPO/GAE) are set up before the new fiscal year and agencies have a holistic view of their services on IAs to improve planning and budgeting capabilities.

Streamline Enterprise and Recurring Services on Interagency Agreements Project

The current state requires agency encumbrance documents be completed before OIT can engage with the vendor or bill the agency for recurring costs for services outside of Common Policy. The new process does not require the encumbrance document on the OIT side, decreasing OIT and agency staff time to set up these IAs and eliminating delays in engaging with vendors and billing customers for services.

What's the new process?

Before each new fiscal year, OIT will send a service request form and quote generator spreadsheet to agencies. Each agency will generate a quote based on their usage and submit along with the form, indicating their commitment to receive and pay for these services in advance of the new fiscal year. Agencies will have the ability to track billing and expenditures on these services, and all IAs, through a customer-facing dashboard.


  • Less OIT and agency staff time to set up these inter-agencies

  • No delay in engaging with vendors or billing customers for services

  • Improved agency planning and forecasting efforts with services set up at the beginning of the year

  • Reduced likelihood of over expenditures/ OVOLs due to advanced set up and new customer-facing dashboards

Enterprise services offered through this program