Real-time Billing

Imagine a world where...

you no longer play the guessing game when it comes to your agency’s IT spend. Bills reflect actual usage with no lag time between when services are consumed and billed. IT planning and budgeting will be a breeze thanks to the implementation of OIT’s financial transparency program: Real-time Billing.

Implement OIT Financial Transparency: Real-time Billing Project

Based on independent analysis by several third-party vendors over the past five years, as well as direct feedback from departments, Colorado General Assembly and other stakeholders, OIT is working to address concerns with the current Common Policy billing methodology by transitioning to Real-time Billing. This transition will improve customer experience with OIT by:

  • Providing more detailed and transparent invoices

  • Eliminating the more than two-year lag time required by the Common Policy True Up

  • Developing set rates each budget cycle that remain fixed for the year, enabling better planning by agencies and technical staff

  • Increase agency cost control and ownership over IT costs that support agency programs

Project Goals

The primary goals of RtB are twofold: to link customers' consumption of OIT's common policy services to the associated costs each month and provide for more customer visibility, detail, and control over their OIT common policy use and spend.

Project Timeline


Project Team

Project Lead: Patricia Nord

  • Ryan Winters

  • Melanie Gose

  • Peggy Mondragon

Agency Partners

  • Jill Schnathorst, Scott Koehler - CDA

  • Gregg Heffner - CEO

  • Scott McKimmy, Jennifer Smotherman, Kristy Meyer-Vyncke, Lisa Lucero, Mary Ensminger - DOC

  • Amelia Larson, Cheryl Duncan, Trevor Borgonah, Tamara Steinbach, Parrish Steinbrecher - HCPF

  • RK Smith - CDHE, HC

  • Daniel Garbes, Jerry Lamb, Clint Woodruff, Nolan Green, Jacques Livingston, Janet Miks - CDHS

  • Ted Martin, Colleen Lynn, Matthew Blackmon - CDLE

  • Yingtse Cha - DOLA

  • Carly Jacobs, Catherine Olukotun, Ellie Li, Lynne Steketee, Michael Regan - DNR

  • Angela McAllister, Matt Rosencutter - OEDIT

  • Clint Andrews, Adrian Leiter, Abbey Clymer, Erwin Germain, Bhavna Punatar, Jolina Lewis, Tammy Nelson, Stacey Alles - DPA

  • Andy Putnam, Ian Higgins, Julia Rodriguez, Leticia Aguirre, Maria Marquez - CDPHE

  • Carolyn Koehnen, Teri Anderle, Lucas Kliffman, Tanya Olsen - CDPS

  • Mirasol Larez - DORA

  • Ryan Reather, Jason Grothaus, Jed Franklin, Luis Garcia, Thomas Hyde - DOR

  • Cameron Bellamy, Lynne Winchell - CDOT