Implement OIT Enterprise Risk Management

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OIT has a holistic view of enterprise-level risk using multiple toolsets providing accountability regarding audit findings.

Enterprise Risk Management

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The goal of the project is to provide OIT leadership team with the best ability to support the organization with enterprise-wide risk-based decisions. The project will give OIT leadership a single-source view into projects with high-risk components.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Engagement of key stakeholders

  • Implement OIT and Agency Risk Steering Committees (RSC)

  • Implementation of efforts: IT Governance, IT Strategy Alignment, Enhanced PMO, Agile Strategy, TRM and Tool Automation and Digital Transformation, Enhanced CMDB Implementation, Enterprise Architecture, Real-time Billing, Mature VMO

  • Remove current barriers to establishing agency governance bodies

  • Align Service Catalog with best practices and evaluate stakeholder engagement

  • Improve service delivery and advocate for agency buy-in, participation and accountability

  • Improve demand services and oversight via a documented portfolio service offering

  • Management of current and emerging risks to improve OIT security posture