IT Strategy Alignment

Imagine a world where...

You can think in terms of future technological innovations and know you have a partner in OIT to help you get there. OIT has your business needs in mind.

Enhance and Align OIT’s Strategic Planning

OIT’s current strategic planning process and timeline does not take into account all of the important inputs when setting goals, is not optimally aligned with the legislative and budget processes, and is siloed from Functional Unit strategic plans and agency IT Roadmaps which leads to confusion with staff and customers, rework and a decreased ability to achieve goals.

Project Goals & Objectives

Project Scope and Approach:

  • Collect and analyze the current state of strategic planning and related processes at OIT including: strategic planning inputs and outputs, documents, processes, timelines, and staff and customer feedback.

  • Engage internal and external stakeholders to receive input on the current strategic planning process and outputs.

  • Define the future state of OIT’s Strategic Planning process.

  • Review with the Deputy Executive Director and Executive lead.

  • Review the plan with the Executive Leadership Team for feedback and approval.

  • Create and implement a communication and change management plan regarding the updated strategic planning process.

Key Deliverables and Outputs:

  • Current state strategic planning information collected and analyzed.

  • Stakeholder input received and analyzed.

  • Draft future state strategic planning process completed.

  • Final future state strategic planning process approved.