IT Governance

Imagine a world where...

statewide IT direction-setting and decision-making processes are structured and collaborative. IT investments align with the state’s strategic goals, and resources are managed in a way that we really can do more with less. This is why building effective IT governance is fundamental to transforming the way IT is run in the state.

Establish IT Governance Project

The foundation of IT transformation is effective IT governance, providing the structure, strategy and processes necessary for collaborative IT direction-setting and decision-making. The ReimagineIT: IT Governance project is currently designing and refining two IT governance boards with members from both OIT and our customer agencies:

  1. Strategy and Planning Board – Develop Enterprise IT Strategy in alignment with business requirements; provide executive oversight and resource prioritization.

  2. Rates and Services Board – Guide the portfolio of enterprise IT services, associated service levels, and development and dissemination of transparent chargeback rates.

Project Goals

Build Enterprise IT Governance Model that:

  • Creates an approach for ongoing IT collaboration/oversight

  • Reduces duplication across different meeting types (ITSC, CUG, Deputies Mtg.)

  • Creates structured/ongoing engagement around IT needs reducing ad hoc efforts

  • Draws on operational leadership to reduce burden on IT leadership

  • Aligns IT spend with state strategic priorities

  • Increases cross agency collaboration to:

    1. Reduce silos that inhibit sharing

    2. Allow for and encourage reuse of resources and assets

  • Identifies the right services that are efficiently provisioned with transparent rates and SLAs

  • Builds processes that allow information flow and decisions between governance groups and across OIT and customers

  • Drives cohesive management across all state IT priorities

Project Timeline

January - March 2021

  • Design and confirm governance model

  • Design board charter(s)

  • Design board processes and templates

  • Identify board members

February - April 2021

  • Train board members

  • Launch boards

March 2021

  • Conduct ongoing board operations

April - September 2021

  • Build internal operational governance processes and approach

Project Team

Project Team

  • Julia Richman - Project Lead

  • Patricia Nord

  • Greg Tenenbaum

Agency Partners

  • Scott McKimmy - DOC

  • Kristin F. Rozansky - DOLA

  • Jaswinder Singh - CDHS

  • Amelia Larsen - HCPF

  • Andy Putnam - CDPHE

Project Resources

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