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Evaluate Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Project

The Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is embarking on a project to perform stakeholder research and analysis to better understand how to increase stakeholder satisfaction and effectively partner with Colorado executive branch agencies, and ultimately Colorado residents. The evaluation of State IT resources conducted by BerryDunn (HB17-1361) identified opportunities for OIT to improve in areas including but not limited to understanding customer demographics and technology needs, identifying OIT’s value proposition, identifying opportunities to improve OIT customer value awareness, determine areas to improve customer engagement, and effectively communicate to stakeholders.

Project Goals & Objectives

The Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Project will ensure a consistent and positive customer experience through well-defined and highly effective relationship management and communication strategies. In addition to satisfying HB17-1361 Evaluation of State IT Resources Report recommendations and SB19-251 Requirements of OIT Based on Evaluation Recommendations, the project will deliver comprehensive stakeholder engagement and communications strategies, and a plan for initial implementation and ongoing assessment.

Phase 1: Stakeholder Research & Analysis

Gather customer insights to gauge current perceptions and identify gaps/improvement opportunities. The research and analysis phase will inform stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.

  • Discovery: Utilize previous research / customer satisfaction benchmark review to inform research development and analysis strategy

  • In-depth Customer Interviews: Interviews with departments heads and/or influencers that most use OIT services (10 interviews)

  • Customer Survey: Collect insights on customer perceptions

  • Reporting & Presentations: Summarize all research, including recommendations to improve utility and value of products and services; present to internal employees and customers.

Phase 2: Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Strategies

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy & Plan

  • Establish customer engagement goals

  • Develop stakeholder matrix, personas and potential messages for OIT audiences

  • Identify customer relationship management areas of opportunity

  • Develop communication protocols and feedback mechanisms to be more effective with audiences

  • Create engagement implementation plan to execute the strategy

  • Identify roles to effectively manage relationship process and determine if current staffing can take on new duties or additional staffing is needed

  • Develop list of actions to undertake annually to close gaps identified on stakeholder engagement through feedback gathered via OIT, annual survey, other channels

  • Identify actions that should be conducted annually to demonstrate to stakeholders that their input resulted in tangible improvements that benefit them

  • Summarize research and relationship strategy, present to customers

Communication Strategy and Plan

  • Clearly define OIT’s brand and value proposition to position OIT as a trusted partner for executive branch agencies with initial key messaging

  • Create a messaging pyramid that defines strengths, keywords and theme or tagline to ground the office in its value prop (review relevancy of current core values and tagline)

  • Present messaging document to key stakeholders

  • Once vetted, develop a formalized communication plan to execute the stakeholder engagement and messaging strategies

Phase 3: Implementation & Ongoing Assessment

  • Execute Plan: Implement plan internally and externally, employing effective organizational change management and customer education and awareness campaign

  • Ongoing Assessment: Regularly assess and refine strategy based on employee and customer feedback using identified research methodologies

Project Timeline

Phase 1

Stakeholder Research & Analysis

January - May 2021

Phase 2

Stakeholder Engagement & Communication Strategies and Plans

May - July 2021

Phase 3

Implementation & Ongoing Assessment

July 2021 - ongoing

Project Team

Project Team

  • Brandi Simmons - Project Lead

  • Natriece Bryant

  • Anita Dill

Agency Partners

  • Scott McKimmy, Deb Goheen - DOC

  • Jennifer Gurr - CDA

  • Kristin F. Rozansky - DOLA

  • Colleen Lynn - CDLE

  • Bridget Clawson, Jaswinder Singh - CDHS

  • Clint Andrews - DPA

  • Kevin Rants - CDPS

  • Marisol Larez - DORA

  • Heidi Humphreys - DOR

  • Gregg Miller - CDOT

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