Service Catalog

Imagine a world where...

when you’re ready to order something new - whether it’s computing equipment or professional services - OIT’s new service catalog will walk you through what’s available and how much it will cost.

Align Service Catalog with Best Practice Recommendations Project

Rooted in OIT’s desire to provide the best possible products and services to our agency partners, this highly collaborative effort is the first initiative for the product and service management program and serves as a foundational point to align and evolve OIT’s products and services with customer value.

Project Goals

  • An implemented service catalog with reduced overlapping and/or confusing services

  • Restructured service offerings increasing transparency, options and incentives

  • Improved catalog content standards

  • A feedback mechanism for service catalog and current offerings from agency stakeholders

  • Enhanced Continual Service Improvement framework and metrics

Project Timeline


Project Team

Project Lead

Greg Tenenbaum

Executive Sponsor

Julia Richman

Customer Agency & Perspective Partners

  • Greg Miller - CDOT

  • Andy Putnam - CDPHE

  • Ted DeRosa - CDPS Perspective

  • Amelia Larsen - HCPF

  • Natriece Bryant - DOLA Perspective

  • Jaswinder Singh/Nolan Green - CDHS

  • Customer User Group

Service Owners

  • Don Wisdom

  • Dana Thorson

  • Bob McIntyre

  • Cody Scott

  • Jeff Stanley

  • Milo Knezevic

  • Lilo Santos

  • Jim Nethercott

  • Bob McIntyre

  • Chuck Busch

  • Rick Rieping

  • Deidra Walker

  • Natalie Wurzer

  • Bernadette Pasillas

  • Debbi Blyth

  • Yvette Florez

  • Pete Bangas

  • William Chumley

  • Ed Trainer

Product and Service Model Team

  • Bruno Silva

  • Deidra Walker

  • Jamie Kimes

  • Jason Walker

  • Josh Coultas

  • Laurie Kubitz

  • Matt Chavez

  • Ryan Winters

  • Trace Ridpath

  • Travis Tiller

  • Russell Castagnaro

Finance Model Team

  • Patricia Nord

  • Derek Martinez

  • Jennifer Hughes

  • Libby Dollar

  • Matthew Campagnoli

  • Ryan Winters

  • Laura Calder

  • Nancy Dierker

Strategy & Communications Team

  • Keke Kosse

  • Dennis Henry

  • Lori Powell

  • Sri Garimella

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