Design Product & Service Improvement Model

Imagine a world where...

we have the clarity and understanding necessary to document and manage improvements to the portfolio of products and services using a standardized structured format. The Product and Service Improvement Model seeks to build a foundation to support a focus on deriving maximum value from our enterprise/statewide product and service portfolio for our customers.

Product and Service Improvement Model

Work to fully document a model that would provide a matrixed view with clear required deliverables to make changes based on small/medium/large service changes and the supporting documentation.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Implement process for new or improved product and service evolutions with clear paths to get there

    • Business Development - Agency Driven / Front End "I have a business opportunity"

    • Incremental - OIT Driven / Enterprise Statewide "Addition to the Solution Catalog"

    • Underpinning Internal (OIT) Product/Service - Not customer visible

  • Design a pipeline of services that meets the greatest needs of the organization (Service Review/Enhancement Process)

  • Prevent unnecessary service duplication and overlap

  • Standards and templates to support the process

  • Job aids to support change management

  • Continuous Improvement framework for annual retrospective/review

  • Improve OIT business operations and increase meeting our customers demands by documenting and managing our IT services using a standardized, structured format.