Stakeholder Engagement & Communications

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you receive the right information at the right time from your trusted IT service provider: OIT. As a valued customer, your relationship with OIT is founded on collaboration as we co-create IT business decisions and outcomes to better serve

Evaluate Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Project

Phase 1& 2

The Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) is embarking on a project to perform stakeholder research and analysis to better understand how to increase stakeholder satisfaction and effectively partner with Colorado executive branch agencies, and ultimately Colorado residents. The evaluation of State IT resources conducted by BerryDunn (HB17-1361) identified opportunities for OIT to improve in areas including but not limited to understanding customer demographics and technology needs, identifying OIT’s value proposition, identifying opportunities to improve OIT customer value awareness, determine areas to improve customer engagement, and effectively communicate to stakeholders.

Project Goals & Objectives

The Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Project will ensure a consistent and positive customer experience through well-defined and highly effective relationship management and communication strategies. In addition to satisfying HB17-1361 Evaluation of State IT Resources Report recommendations and SB19-251 Requirements of OIT Based on Evaluation Recommendations, the project will deliver comprehensive stakeholder engagement and communications strategies, and a plan for initial implementation and ongoing assessment.