Technical Debt

Imagine a world where...

where agencies have a comprehensive planning workbook that reflects the health of their applications and infrastructure, enabling the business and OIT to strategize and plan for reducing technical debt and improving technology outcomes.

Agency Tech Debt Reduction Plans

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The Governor’s Office has a strong strategic focus on reducing Tech-Debt for the state. As part of the IT Transformation program led by OIT in partnership with executive branch agencies, OIT has launched a project to identify and reduce tech debt within applications, hardware and infrastructure. From Jan. - June 2022, IT Directors will be working with each executive branch agency and OIT resources to examine applications in order to determine which pose the greatest tech debt burden and outline a plan for how the tech debt should be managed and remediated.

Creating tech debt plans for the agencies provides an opportunity to recognize their workload landscape in order to assess costs for modernization, upgrade or retirement of legacy systems, which traditionally cost more to maintain over longer periods of time. Reducing technical debt will avoid unnecessary costs, improve security risk scores, improve audit compliance, enable modernization, and align valuable resources toward more important business needs.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Tech Debt Plans/Workbooks are created for agencies

  • Tech Debt Plans/Workbooks reflect application and systems health scoring

  • Tech Debt Plans/Workbooks enable business prioritization for upgrade, modernization or retirement opportunities