Employee Skills Self-Assessment

Imagine a world where...

you can quickly and easily identify your knowledge gaps and strengths with targeted self-assessments. Results tell you where to start on your learning path, so you develop the skills you need most and never waste time on what you already know. That’s exactly what the Pluralsight Employee Skills Self-Assessment pilot will help OIT employees do to meet & exceed customer needs and keep Colorado a leader in technology.

Conduct Workforce Planning: Employee Skills Self-Assessment Project

The Conduct Workforce Planning: Employee Skills Self-Assessment project features a three-month pilot that offers the opportunity for OIT employees to understand the technology skills they have now, the skills they may need to deepen, and the new skills they need to learn to stay on the cutting edge with rapid changes in technology.

The pilot will use the Pluralsight Self-Assessment and Learning Tool and is comprised of two distinct components:

  1. A select group (targeted group) of approximately 100 OIT employees have been assigned to complete specific self-assessments and courses. This group may take other assessments and courses as well.

  2. All remaining OIT employees have the opportunity to use the self-assessment and learning tool to assess general skills needed at OIT.

Though managers and administrators will not see employee individual scores, they will have access to the employees’ proficiency level (novice, proficient, expert) for any skill assessment taken.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Introduce transparency into current and future skills of OIT’s workforce to meet customer and business needs.

  • Identify ways to bridge any gaps that exist between present IT job skills and skills needed to support the strategy and direction of state agency customers.

  • Build employee’s self and team value through a highly efficient and proven learning model.

  • Evaluate whether to make a long-term investment into the Pluralsight self-assessment and learning tool.