Ease of Use/Usefulness

Imagine a world where...

applications are built or updated based on the experience of users.

Establish Application Usefulness/Ease of Use

The Application Ease-of-Use Project will define a new baseline metric for applications used by agencies or their customers. By directly measuring application user experience and technical debt for essential and critical applications, the project will deliver data that can help agencies incorporate user experience in their decisions on how to direct and change applications with poor ease of use and usability scores. OIT will identify and present shared interest opportunities between agencies and OIT where modernization could address both low ease of use scores and high technical debt.

Project Goals & Objectives

  • Confirm the scope of applications for consideration

  • Develop a survey to measure ease of use and usefulness

  • Identify stakeholders to receive the survey

  • Figure out distribution channels and survey delivery approach

  • Analyze survey results

  • Provide Benefit

  • Build a Strategy (End User feedback ongoing)

Project Value

  • Create a baseline of agency critical and essential application usability and ease-of-use from an end-user perspective

  • Identify technical debt within each critical and essential application

  • Build an accurate inventory of technical components used within critical and essential applications

  • Populate application-to-infrastructure mapping of critical and essential applications into the state configuration management database (CMDB) OIT to increase our problem determination capability when service disruptions occur.

  • Support Disaster Recovery (DR) planning by standardizing how we categorize critical and essential applications across the enterprise; using the agency's assessment of application impact on business operations.

  • Identify shared-interest opportunities to invest in application modernization where ease-of-use scores are low and technical debt is high.