Web Strategy & Toolkit

Imagine a world where...

every State of Colorado website had an integrated User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) to allow for a seamless and unified digital government experience.

State of Colorado Website Strategy & Toolkit Project

The Web Strategy & Toolkit project will create a toolkit composed of a governance framework, strategies and tools that will transform state websites from a collection of disparate online information to a well-connected, compliant ecosystem of essential digital services that are on par with the best digital services available.

Digital Content Style Guide and Standards

Develop standards, policies and guidelines for creating accessible, secure, user-friendly digital services that are on-brand in a searchable, easy-to-use format, making compliance a walk in the park.

UI Design System

Provide a simple, plug-and-play UI design system that is easy to use and ensures consistency across the State of Colorado applications.

UX Strategy Playbook

Distribute a UX project playbook that will guide teams through creating measurable, user-centered digital government services. Support OIT and state agencies in hiring UX professionals that can directly support the unique service needs of that team.

Digital Strategy Community of Practice

Cultivate a UX Community of Practice. Create, advocate and take collective responsibility for standard practices that result in consistent and predictable user experiences across all state agencies. Build a knowledge base, share assets, and become stewards of the state’s UX resources and tools.

These four major solution items would help ensure the UI/UX Team achieves the following objectives:

  • Create, advocate for and take collective responsibility for standard user-centered practices that result in inclusive, consistent, and predictable service experiences across the State of Colorado government.

  • Build peer-to-peer relationships that enable us to learn from each other by eliminating silos and connecting state employees with a common focus.

  • Build a living knowledge base, share knowledge, connect ideas, and become stewards of the State of Colorado UX resources and tools.

  • Communicate and get feedback about governance, processes, and tools that support the digital workers within the Community of Practice.

Governance and Strategy

Provide accountability and enforcement of the tools that will be developed as well as recommendations on how to implement governance over all of our web products.

This work will identify teams and roles, including digital service and domain experts, responsible for:

  • Establishing and maintaining a unifying enterprise strategy and set of standards, policies, and guidelines as well as agency-specific guidelines

  • Implementing content and technology

  • Digital partner product collaboration