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Reimagining how we serve Coloradans...digitally

At the Governor's Office of Information Technology (OIT), transformation is part of our DNA. We are continuously thinking differently about how we work together to serve our customers and fundamentally change how Coloradans engage with digital state services. Our goal is to simply make government easy.

The next evolution of the State of Colorado's collaborative effort to reimagine IT will build upon the foundational work of the IT Transformation Program and integrate two new interdependent initiatives borne in 2022 to connect the past, present and future of digital government: Technical Debt Remediation and Digital Government

Follow along on our journey to transform IT in Colorado as we connect the dots between the state's “ReimagineIT” initiatives.

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ReimagineIT is the bridge between remediating technical debt of the past, transforming IT service delivery and operations in the present, and making way for the future of digital government. 

Before we can offer Coloradans a digital government with online access to a growing number of services, we must address technical debt brought about by years of not accounting for the costs and work associated with maintaining older technology. The state now has an estimated $465 million in state tech debt. There’s a lot of work to do to update aging infrastructure, modernize or replace older applications and close security vulnerabilities associated with our legacy technology. 

In August 2020, Gov. Polis announced the launch of the statewide IT Transformation (ITT) Program that promised to reimagine IT operations and service delivery.  We achieved this and much more!

The incredible success of ITT has showcased the need for continuous improvement as we strive to become a world-class service organization. The next phase of ITT promises to focus on operationalizing the projects completed in the first two years, and a continuation of our transformational journey to reimagine IT.

Informed by a survey of more than 2,000 Coloradans, the innovative Colorado Digital Government Strategic Plan will modernize and increase access to online state services to provide the best constituent experience in the country. We will collaborate with state agencies to put Coloradans at the center of every decision, connecting more residents to high-speed internet and digital government services, saving them time and money, and delivering equitable, accessible and easy-to-access applications that will improve their lives.

Infographic showing past, present and future of IT in Colorado. Visit: for text version.