Two years ago Gov. Polis announced the launch of the statewide IT Transformation (ITT) Program that promised to reimagine IT operations and service delivery. Since then, we have partnered with more than 200 agency stakeholders to complete 29 projects, with many more in the works.

We are proud to share the ITT Two-Year Report highlighting our extraordinary, collaborative achievements and our significant progress in increasing efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction.

Reimagining IT in the State of Colorado

The role of IT transformation in state​ government has become a focus of greater attention over the past few decades with ever-changing technological needs, increased cyber threats, and budgetary demands to do more with less. While the State of Colorado's current IT operating model has provided real benefits over the last decade, we must continually reimagine the delivery of IT.

Governor's IT Transformation Vision

When Governor ​Polis took office, he ​outlined a vision to build increased agency IT accountability and ownership, collaborative IT governance and oversight, and a more nimble and process-oriented IT organization. This vision​ drove the Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) to begin reimagining IT in state government and pursue a programmatic​ investment in change together with our state partners. This program is known​ as IT Transformation.

IT Transformation aligns and standardizes OIT's service offerings and processes, fosters greater collaboration with customers, and empowers agencies to drive their strategies through high-impact technology. The result: together, we transform IT operations.

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Reimagining IT in Colorado yields numerous benefits for agencies and Coloradans, and results in three distinct outcomes for state IT operations and service delivery: increased efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

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