Mainframe Decommission Program

About the program

Decommissioning the mainframe is the most important project in our work to remediate technical debt in state systems and applications. The state mainframe is a 30-year-old central data center housing millions of data points and linking computers and services throughout the state. While it powers applications that provide critical services to Coloradans, the decades-old technology has become unreliable and expensive to maintain. To remove the risk of mainframe failure and the interruption of service delivery to residents, the state will shift to a more modern and secure cloud-based solution.

Key Outcomes: 

Removing applications from the decades-old mainframe will reduce the risk of technology failure and the interruption of service delivery to Coloradans seeking much-needed assistance, support and benefits from the state.

What are the projects?

Decommissioning the State Mainframe and Moving Operations to a Hosted Mainframe

Stabilizing & Modernizing the Colorado Personnel & Payroll System (CPPS) to a Cloud-Based System

Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) System Improvements

Update the File Transfer Application Between State Agencies and the Social Security Administration

State ID Number (SIDMOD) Application Modernization

Improving the Automated Child Support Enforcement System (ACSES) Website and Enhancing Application Security and Tools

Modernizing the State Verification Exchange System (SVES)