We’re reimagining IT operations, service delivery and continuous improvement.  

To get there we're aligning and standardizing OIT’s service offerings and processes, fostering greater collaboration with customers, and empowering agencies to drive their business strategies through high-impact technology. Partnering with agency customers, IT Transformation (ITT) provides the necessary framework to quickly onboard projects that address the state’s greatest IT needs.

Reimagining IT in Colorado results in many benefits for Colorado and three distinct outcomes for state IT operations and service delivery: increased efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction.

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IT Transformation Program Threads

There are five program threads woven into ITT that together, allow the State of Colorado to reimagine IT delivery and operations. Click on each thread to see our program successes.

About IT Transformation

What is IT Transformation?

The Governor asked OIT to lead and collaborate with agency partners on a statewide, multi-year IT Transformation journey. IT Transformation extends beyond technology alone. It empowers state agencies to drive IT decisions based on their individual business needs. This involves moving toward a more effective IT model that will align and standardize OIT's service offerings and processes, foster greater collaboration to understand business needs and identify optimal solutions, and empower agencies to drive their strategies through high-impact technology with the support and partnership of OIT. The culmination of this effort will transform statewide IT operations and service delivery with ever-expanding access to secure, virtual government services for ALL Coloradans.  

Why IT Transformation?

Reimagining IT in Colorado will result in three distinct outcomes for state IT operations and service delivery: increased efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

IT Transformation will also yield numerous benefits for Coloradans, including increasing secure, virtual access to government services and reducing time and cost to conduct business with the state

In August 2020, Gov. Polis announced the launch of the statewide IT Transformation (ITT) Program that promised to reimagine IT operations and service delivery. Since then, we have partnered with more than 450 agency stakeholders to complete 40 projects, with many more in the works.

We are proud to share the August 2023 ITT Annual Report highlighting our extraordinary, collaborative achievements and our significant progress in increasing efficiency, transparency and customer satisfaction. 

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