What we do best is develop the tech solutions that drive our state forward. But we’re also here to deliver best-in-class customer service. We’re just getting started on providing the tools and resources that allow state employees to work quickly and decisively with the technology we provide and digitizing government services to save Coloradans time and money.

Completed Projects

Web Standards & Toolkit Integration

The shift to a fully accessible and equitable government requires integrating accessibility best practices and human-centered design across the state. During this project state websites were assessed for ADA compliance and accessibility, standards and guides were created, and the resources necessary to help state agencies achieve 75% ADA compliance by July 2023 were identified. Additionally, the Technology Accessibility Program (TAP) within OIT was stood up and now has seven full-time employees helping agencies develop plans for the sustainable management of websites and applications to make sure every Coloradan can access state services. It will take years to address all of the state’s inaccessible systems and websites, but we’ve seen overwhelming enthusiasm for this shift—it’s public service at its best.

IT Service Management (ITSM) Tool Suite - ServiceHub

The ITSM Tool Suite (ServiceHub) project implemented a leading-edge technology platform that lays the foundation for reimagined IT service design, delivery, support and management to create a world-class customer experience. While ServiceHub launched in July 2021 with three completed modules, we will continue building out the tool’s capabilities to provide a place where processes are automated, project visibility is improved, governance is enabled, the lifecycle of requests is tracked and data can be used for sound financial IT planning.

ServiceHub connects people, processes and systems through the implementation of a nearly endless set of modules that transform IT services offered to the state enterprise.

Completed modules:

Future modules and expansions:

Plan for and Enable Digital Transformation

In the digital age, Coloradans expect to be able to find and access state government services easily. The COVID-19 pandemic emphasized the need for a seismic shift in the way government services are delivered and led the Colorado General Assembly to fund an initiative to improve online access to government services. We first assessed the current landscape of online state services are now ready to execute a Digital Government Strategic Plan that builds a future state vision of a modernized government saving taxpayers’ time and money, and creates a Colorado for all.

Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Tool Implementation

The ServiceHub Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) module, launched in spring 2023, offers an integrated risk and audit management program that allows OIT’s Information Security Office (ISO) to automate numerous processes, including audit-related activities, from start to finish. It stores all audit information and artifacts in a single repository, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. By implementing the ServiceHub GRC tool, the ISO can convert inefficient processes into an integrated risk and audit management program. This tool provides real-time visibility into compliance, risk and audit responsiveness and remediation by OIT. The creation and maintenance of state information technology compliance and data security safeguards all Colorado resident data. 

ServiceHub 2023

The ServiceHub 2023 project represents a significant transformative effort OIT undertook to connect the people and processes that deliver IT services to the state. In collaboration with our agency partners, we built ServiceHub on the best-in-class ServiceNow platform to serve as the central “hub” for technology service delivery, support and management. Powered by ServiceNow, ServiceHub streamlines and consolidates these critical functions into a single unified system.

Thanks to the hard work of many OIT team members in Phase 1 (IT Service Management (ITSM) Tool Suite - ServiceHub), the ServiceHub Customer Portal was launched in Phase 2, which consisted of fine-tuning the system to meet agency business needs and optimizing the customer experience, among other things. 

We focused on incorporating agency feedback and business requirements in our transformational activities. This process ensured that we were ready to launch the new ServiceHub Customer Portal in the fall of 2023 and provide our customers with a modern, user-friendly experience when requesting technology assistance from OIT.