Exit eFORT Data Center and Cloud Migration Program 

About the program

The state’s lease of the eFORT Data Center is currently one of the most costly capital lease expenses. Since the state always strives to be good stewards of taxpayers’ dollars, OIT identified that significant cost savings could be achieved by consolidating hardware from eFORT into the newly modernized Lakewood Data Center. Not only will a considerable amount of money be saved each year, but the facility offers state-of-the-art equipment and security, making it the best choice to set a foundation for modern infrastructure and advance digital government services in Colorado. 

When we began our work to migrate out of the eFORT data center in June 2022, we had 145 racks in use. As of June 2023, we have emptied 68 racks! That is a 47% reduction in usage, helping to save money and secure the state for all Coloradans. 

Take a look at the eFORT Data Center Migration Project video for an inside look at what it takes to move a data center and how this is helping set the stage to make state government easier for Coloradans. 

Key Outcomes: 

Save taxpayer dollars by vacating and ending the lease at the eFORT Data Center. Technical debt will be reduced by consolidating physical IT assets and expanding the use of cloud infrastructure. Ultimately, this project will save the state millions of dollars while becoming more agile and efficient in how data is collected, stored and used.

What are the projects?

Core Network Refresh

Enterprise Wireless

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) - Complete

Exit eFORT Data Center

Storage Renewal - Complete

Upgrading SQL (2008 & 2012) Servers

Windows 2008 Retirement

Windows 2012 Retirement

Identity Services Engine (ISE) - Complete

Phone System Replacement - Complete

Network and Security Optimization Phase 3 - Network Security - Complete

Network and Security Optimization Phase 3 - Internet Bandwidth Increase - Complete


Network and Security Optimization Phase 3 - Statewide Voice

CORE Network Refresh - Next Gen Networking - SD-WAN

As part of OIT’s technical debt remediation efforts, the Core Network Refresh—SD-WAN project is key to addressing accumulated challenges within our Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure. Our current network setup suffers from complexity, single points of failure and technical issues. To mitigate these issues, OIT will upgrade to Software-Defined Wide Area Networking technology (SD-WAN), a smarter, more flexible and cost-effective way to manage the network.

A comprehensive network assessment will determine the existing infrastructure, connectivity requirements and potential areas for improvement. Based on the assessment findings, a robust SD-WAN architecture will be designed, considering site locations, bandwidth requirements, security protocols and scalability.

SD-WAN Project Fact Sheet

Vendor Edge Technology Refresh

Datacenter Core Equipment Upgrade - Complete