Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will be updated as the multi-year IT Transformation Program progresses.

What is IT Transformation?

The IT Transformation Program will create a new operating model where state agencies own and are accountable for IT business outcomes. It will provide a framework for collaborative governance and oversight of IT. The Governor's Office of Information Technology will continue to support and partner with agencies to make sure that the state invests in the best technology solutions. OIT will also continue to manage core IT that agencies use in a centralized manner (e.g., cybersecurity, IT standards, architecture, infrastructure, network, email, and deskside support as well as customer experience of e-government). 

What is Governor Polis' vision for transformation?

Governor ​Polis has a vision to build increased agency IT accountability and ownership, collaborative IT governance and oversight, and a more nimble and process-oriented IT organization. This vision​ drove OIT to begin reimagining IT in state government and pursue a programmatic​ investment in change together with our state partners.

Why is the state undergoing this transformation now?

The role of IT transformation in state government has become a focus of greater attention over the past few decades. This is mainly due to ever-changing technology needs and budget crises demanding that we do more with less, and increasing cyber risks. Many states are facing serious challenges realizing the benefits of technological innovations, and Colorado is no different. 

How does IT transformation benefit Coloradans?

OIT has been charged with leading and collaborating with agency partners on a journey that will yield many benefits for those partners and ALL Coloradans, including:   

How does IT Transformation benefit state operations?

IT Transformation will result in three distinct outcomes for state operations in the areas of customer satisfaction, transparency, and efficiency. Customer satisfaction will increase as a result of increased agency leadership in IT decision making and increased agency accountability over IT spend and outcomes. Transparency will improve as IT resources are better aligned with agency priorities and as agencies take a greater role in oversight of OIT services and rates. Efficiencies will be gained as agency and IT flexibility is increased and changes are made to enhance IT financial management. 

What will be the areas of focus for IT Transformation?

IT Transformation will focus on governance,  financial management,  security, technology, talent, and service excellence.  OIT will partner with agency staff to create working groups in each of these areas. There will be several initiatives identified for each area including  real-time billing, improving project and portfolio management, improving the procurement process, and building a service and project strategy. 

What is the timeline for the transformation?

The IT Transformation Program officially launched in August 2020 and is expected to take about two years for the initial foundational projects to be completed. In year three and ongoing we will build on that technology foundation with organizational and process transformation on our way to becoming a best in class IT service organization.  

What is OIT's role in the transformation?

OIT has been charged with leading the IT Transformation program. But all decisions will be made in collaboration with our state agency partners. 

What is the role of state agencies in the transformation?

State agencies are an integral part of the IT Transformation Program.  Agency staff will be involved in all areas of the program from the governance boards to the working groups. Governor Polis' vision for the program is to expand agency accountability and ownership of IT, increase the role and voice of agencies in the statewide IT direction by establishing governance bodies, and implement programmatic improvements at OIT.  This can only be accomplished through collaboration between OIT and its state agency partners. 

How will role of state agencies in the IT decision making process change?

As part of the IT Transformation program, two governance boards will be created with agency participation. One will focus on IT strategy and planning and will enable agency executive directors to decide collectively and collaboratively on a statewide IT strategy. The other will oversee OIT services and rates. Agency staff will be invited to participate in working groups. The program will strive to create an environment where all agencies can help shape IT for the state. 

I have a specific question that is not answered here. Is there someone I can contact?

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