Current ITT Projects

These projects will be updated as the IT Transformation Program progresses. Please check back often to find new information about our in-flight projects.

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Improving Customer Messaging in Notifications

More information coming soon!

Vulnerability & Patch Management

OIT is responsible for establishing vulnerability and patch management programs that identify and reduce security risks to public agencies by continuously accessing and tracking vulnerabilities on all OIT-managed IT assets within the IT infrastructure.

Vulnerability and patch management can protect endpoints from cyber threats and attacks. It is a proactive way to protect the organization's devices and data. By preventing data breaches and other security instances, vulnerability management can avoid damage to the State's reputation and bottom line. If you only implement one of these processes, it creates a weakness that cybercriminals can exploit. The benefits of vulnerability management include enhanced security, immediate fixes of vulnerabilities, operational efficiencies, visibility and reporting, automated scanning assessment and prioritization, integrated patch remediation, and insightful reporting. Patch management fixes vulnerabilities on assets susceptible to an attack, helping the organization keep its network secure and prevent cyber attacks.

Workplace Transformation

Presently, remote OIT personnel lack a designated workplace for event and classroom training. This project aims to rectify this by establishing a dedicated workplace destination. It will encompass an event center and classroom training environment, along with provisions for hotel and executive spaces.